Next Steps to Take When You Find a Squirrel Nest in YOUR Mesquite Attic

During the nesting season, it is relatively easy for us to encounter a squirrel nest in our Mesquite basement, chimney, garage, and in our attic. We discourage you from disturbing the nest especially if there are baby squirrels. If you give the mother squirrel the assumption that your space is unsafe for its babies, then she will immediately take the babies to a safer place.

What You Should Do in Case You Encountered Squirrel Nest in Your Attic

When Texas people found a squirrel nest in their attic, some people choose to let the nesting season passed before they will perform an eviction. However, if you want to avoid the possible damages that you can incur from their presence there are proper ways to do it. Remember that the removal process when there is a nest is more complicated than simply evicting an adult squirrel.

 Determine the Condition of the Mesquite Babies

The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that the squirrel is indeed a baby. Just because they are small, doesn't mean that they are indeed infants. If the body of the squirrel is more than 6-inches, then it can probably survive on its own. Once you confirmed that there are babies in the nest, you will have to identify their condition. If the mother squirrel is missing, you will need to contain the creature first. Make sure that they will not wander around and that they are safe from the predators. Next, you will have to keep them warm. Fill-up an empty bottle with warm water and wrap it in a cloth. 

In case you have an injured baby squirrel, you may need to seek the help of the wildlife rehabilitators. Some signs of an injured or sick squirrel would be the presence of insects or bugs on its body, and wound or injury that requires immediate medical attention. 

Allow the Mother to Relocate Her Babies

You need to give the mother Texas squirrel an opportunity to relocate her young ones. In case they do not have injury, reuniting them with their mother will increase their chance of survival. They have the ability to take care of them better than the humans. You need to remain patient when relocating the babies with their mother. 

Cleaning the Nesting Material

After you successfully get rid of the squirrels, it is now time for you to clean their Texas nest. Wear protective gloves and mask when cleaning the nest. Spray it with an enzyme-based cleaner to avoid disturbing the bacteria and parasites found in their nest. You may use a vacuum when getting rid of the nest. After removing the materials, you need to decontaminate the area to eliminate the possible threat.

Learning the things that you need to do with the nesting materials and the Mesquite baby squirrels will help you ensure that you and the squirrel will stay safe during the process. After cleaning the nest, be sure that you will seal the entry holes to prevent the squirrel from returning to your attic.

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