Where Do Mesquite Opossums LOVE to Live? In Wild or Urban Environments?

Virginia Opossum is the only marsupial creature that you will encounter in the North America. They have a docile behavior and will prefer not to engage in combat with the other animals. They will immediately flee the area in case there are signs of predator. Due to this behavior, they have a tendency to change their den on a regular basis. This also hones their amazing skill to adapt on a variety of environment.

Different Places Where You Might Encounter Mesquite Opossums

Opossums do not really put their entire effort in creating their Texas den. Most of them time, they will occupy a place that can conceal their body. As long as the place is dry, warm, and safe, this will be an excellent place to stay for a couple of days.


When in the wild, the Texas opossums love to stay underground. Compared to the rabbit, and groundhog, the opossums will not dig their burrow enthusiastically. Nonetheless, this will not prevent them from looking for living underground. Rather than to spend most of their energy digging a new burrow, they will rather occupy the abandoned burrow of the other animals. After looking for a temporary den, they will start to fill the burrow with materials that are soft such as grass and dry leaves.


Opossums are also commonly found in the Texas trees. With the help of their strong claws, they can easily climb the trees regardless of the height. They may also use their tails to grasp on the branches that will provide them with improved stability. You will encounter them in the wooded area but most of the opossum prefer to dwell close to the tree line where there is a nearby source of water. Living in the deep forest will expose them to different predators and they will find it difficult to look for food and water source.

The Cities and Towns

Opossums have also adapted successfully in the living condition of the urban jungle. Their opportunistic behavior allows them to survive and become dependent to human. Opossums will collect the leftovers found in the garbage can and steal the food of our pet. They will also pick up the rotten fruits that are scattered on the ground and scavenge on the remains of the road kill. For the opossums that dwell in the city, they can be found underneath our houses, porches, sheds, piles of woods and garages. When in the urban community, they can help in mitigating the population of the pest by hunting beetles, snails, rats, and mice. 

The Mesquite opossum has a tendency to sleep at least 20 hours per day. Aside from that, they will also be active during the night time. This is perhaps one of the reasons why we don't normally encounter them. They appear dumb but science proves that they are actually as intelligent as pigs. This allows them to survive in range of environment. With their amazing skills to adapt, you can find them in the urban and the wild areas.

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