What it Means for YOU When Bat Exclusion Isn't Allowed During Their Texas Summer Maternity Season

The Mesquite bat has an innate habit of roosting all throughout the year. However, they still have varying needs when looking for a place to roost. Generally, their roosting ground will depend upon the season. During the cold months, the bats will hibernate in their hibernation roost. Once the summer comes, they will travel thousands of miles to reach their maternity roost. This is when they will take care of their young ones and you are not allowed to perform exclusion during this occasion.

What if You Discover Bats in Your Mesquite House during Summer Maternity Season

The Texas maternity season will depend upon the climate in your area. In some areas it will occur in August while in others, this may be during the month of June-July. Through this month, the mother is required to be close to the infant bats at all times. The babies will be completely dependent to their mother bat. Separating them from their mother will lead to the death of their baby. When a group of female bats form a maternity colony in your house, you will have to tolerate their presence until such time that the baby is strong enough to live on their own.

Letting Things Pass

If you happen to discover the bats in your Texas property during the month of June or July, you will have to wait until August until you can perform bat exclusion. The bat removal specialist will use an exclusion funnel that is designed for bats when getting rid of them. The bats will leave their roost around 15 minutes after sunset and won't be able to return inside. However, if you choose to install this device while the infant bat is still dependent to the mother bat, you will have to deal with the carcass of the dead bat in your attic. In addition, this is against the law. You may want to wait until the season end to safely extract them from your property.

The Bat Reproduction

The mother bats are amazing Texas creatures. They have the capacity to manage the timing of the pregnancy. This will enable them to optimize the highest availability of the food. The mating will normally happen during the fall season but the female bat will need to delay their pregnancy. Most bats only have a single breeding season per year. This is why it is essential to keep them protected against unjust eviction. Bats will produce a single pup annually. They will take care of them until such time that they can forage their own food.

After 8 weeks, the Mesquite baby bat will be able to survive without the help form their mother. This is the best time to call a specialist to deal with the bat infestation problem. If you don't want to experience this, it is highly essential to prevent the infestation from happening. In case you allow the infestation to occur for an extensive period, getting them out of your property can be a challenge.

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